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Our physics, chemistry, Biology, and with adequative modern equipment's and apparatus to make learning effectively. ( Engineering & Polytechnic )


The L.C.D auditorium which can accommodate over 500 students is highly valuable for our students. it enables our teachers to have audio-visual methodology of demonstrating various subjects. Our institutions has10 mini Theatres for interactive learning.


Our institutions library has always been a place for our students to learn on their own individual is a treasure house of knowledge with a collection of 30000 books on various disciplines.

Overall Acheivements

Overall Acheivements

Indoor / Outdoor Games

Indoor and Outdoor Games are a variety of structured forms of play or competitive physical activity, typically carried out in specially constructed indoor facilities, which are in progress in developing their sport skill and also with a large scale set up of playground to take part in various outdoor games.

Indoor stadium

Volley Ball / Badmitton / Kabaadi

Outdoor stadium

Cricket Net practice / hockey/ Volley Ball / foot Ball / Basket Ball / etc…


our institutions has 156 buses to meet the transport requirement of three district peoples.(Villupuram,Cuddalore,Thiruvannamalai)

Maths Lab


We are very keen on providing good medical facilities for the students, School health services staff can help all students with preventive care such as flu shots and vision and hearing screening, as well as acute and emergency care. Qualified professionals such as school nurses, nurse practitioners, dentists, health educators, physicians, physician assistants and allied health personnel provide these services in our institutions.

Composite Lab